Agit-Cirk -company founding member and chairman 2005-today

Makeshift Company founding member and co-director 2017-today

Artistic director of the Silence -festival 2009-2014 and 2016 & director of Silence London 2018

Director of the Birch Festival in London 2019

Founding member and chairman of the Silence -festival association 2014-2016 & current member of board

Member of the board at Cirko – Center for New Circus in Finland 2012-2013 & 2018-today


Finland State Arts Prize For Circus Arts 2017 (Taiteen Valtionpalkinto), for the work on Silence-Festival


Trained with:
Sergei Ignatov, Denis Paumier, Maksim Komaro, Samuli Männistö, Jerome Thomas, Kati Ylä-Hokkala, Sean Gandini, Martin Schwietschke.

Turku arts academy/ Circus, 2002-2006


“Väkevä” 2018

“Sceno” 2015

”Saivo” 2014 Together with Kiasma -teatteri, Cirko – Center for Circus Finland and City Theatre of Joensuu.

”JONG” 2013 With the Lapland Chamber Orchestra, John Storgårds and composer Lotta Wennäkoski

”ATTO” 2013

”Clowns and Queens” 2013 Gandini Juggling together with Agit-Cirk

”Syvä” 2012

”Tenho” 2011

”Towards you” 2010

”Shame – Cabaret” 2009

”Saimaan Runokiertue” 2009

”Periphery -project” 2009-2012

”Neljä Vasenta” 2008

”Newton Zeppelin” 2007

”Shagging and spelling errors” 2006

”Casio-Six,You can t́ make a lion out of a butterfly” 2006

”Suppose” 2004

”HalalVol1”, Manilla Turku 2002



“ADHD” 2018 Cirk La Putika

”Insomniac’s Fable” 2017 Makeshift company

”4 x 4 Ephemeral architectures” 2015 Gandini Juggling & Agit-Cirk, premiere London Royal Opera House. Now performed over 100 times all over Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, Taiwan and Kuwait.

”Wagner in the garden” 2013 Gandini Jugglin at Royal Opera house, London

”Clowns & Queens” 2013 Gandini Juggling & Agit Cirk 

”MOTET” 2012 Gandini Juggling & Circo Aereo

”Blotched” 2012 Gandini Juggling

”Smashed” 2010 Gandini Juggling, London 

”Zephyr” 2010-2012 Gandini Juggling Orchestra Basse Normandie 

”Ro-Pu” 2010 Circo Aereo 

“Solo performances” 2010 & 2011 Watch this space -festival London

”Valo” 2008 Winter circus Dance theatre Hurjaruuth

”Sleeping beauty” 2005-2006 Actor/Circusperformer, Helsinki city theatre 

”Symphony 6” 2005 Turku, Nina Renvall, Marjan Raar and Reijo Kela

”Oi ́ ihana Panama” 2005

”Happy Piknik” 2003 Sirkus Supiainen 

”Susirajan Sirkus” 2002 Sirkus Supiainen 

”Silmu” 1999 Sirkus Supiainen

”Särö” 1998 Sirkus Supiainen



Lublin, Poland 2018

Paris, France, la maison des jonglages 2018

London, UK, The Hive 2017

Lille, France, Lomme circus School 2016

Berlin, Germany, Katakomben 2016

Montreal, Canada, ENC 2013

Montreal, Canada, 2012

London, UK, Circus Space 2010

London UK, 20.-21.2.2010

531 -Helsinki Juggling festival, several, 2017 latest

Sardegna Juggling convention 2008

Czech Juggling convention 2007